KABIF Constitution adopted and signed 19th Nov 2012

24 October, 2013

The KABIF constitution was signed on the 19th November 2012. The signed copy can be downloaded below, and we also include a copy on the website for viewing.

1. Name

The name of the Forum created by this Constitution is the Kent Acquired Brain Injury Forum (KABIF). The Forum comprises individuals, carers/relatives, volunteers, people with acquired brain injury – traumatic and non-traumatic, professionals, representatives from organisations in the independent, voluntary and statutory sectors involved with issues concerning brain injury across Kent and Medway.

2. Aims

2.1 To raise and facilitate greater awareness and understanding of current services and proposed developments in the field of acquired brain injury. To provide a forum to support professionals working in the field of Acquired Brain Injury, together with those responsible for commissioning such services to encourage them to share best practice.

2.2 Collaboratively to support and educate individuals with brain injury, their families and carers, or those interested in Acquired Brain Injury.

2.3 To be proactive in providing opportunities for people with traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury, their carers/relatives and other interested parties to obtain accurate and useful information and training from multiple resources (i.e., websites, hand-outs and leaflets) related to acquired brain injury.

2.4 To be a forum for consultation between the community, the health service, social services and voluntary organisations, as well as the independent sector and education departments, in the development and commissioning of services in the field of Acquired Brain Injury.

2.5 To contribute to the development of care pathways for people of all ages with acquired brain injury, with a view to maximising their quality of life.

2.6 To work collaboratively to promote education and training into Acquired Brain Injury.

2.7 To campaign for better services relating to traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury within Kent, Medway and the UK.

2.8 The Forum will comply with all current laws, regulations and acts relevant to the running of the organisation including the principles set out by UKABIF.

3. Membership

3.1 Membership is open to any individual or representative of any organisation interested in promoting the aims of the Forum.

3.2 The Steering Committee may establish the rules regarding membership, to be subsequently approved by the General Membership.

3.3 The Steering Committee will keep a register of members in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

4. Forum Meetings

4.1 The Forum may meet at its discretion, and all Members are entitled to attend in person.

4.2 Guests, introduced by an existing KABIF member may attend meetings but are not entitled to vote.

4.3 At all meetings, the Chair shall have the casting vote.

5. Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings

5.1 An Annual General Meeting (AGM) should be held in the month February, or as near as possible. All officers, Steering Committee members and Individual members should be invited. The AGM shall be a format meeting to discuss how KABIF is being run and for members to express their views. At least 21 days notice shall be given to members and an agenda will be circulated to members no later than 7 days before the AGM.

5.2 The Chair will give an account of KABIF activities for the previous year.

5.3 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called in the event of any extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of the Chair or the Secretary.

6. The Steering Commitee

6.1 The Steering Committee will act as a management board overseeing the strategy, regulation and operation of KABIF and is accountable to and will report regularly to the membership for support / approval of their plans / proposal. It should meet no less than six times a year.

6.2 Membership of the Sterring Committee is open to all KABIF members subject to them either working, living or having a direct interest in the provision of services within Kent and Medway.

6.3 At the AGM, KABIF members will elect the Officers – Chair, Secretary and Administration Manager and 7 (seven) further members, representative of KABIF membership, to form the Steering Committee. A quorum requires five attending Steering Committee members. Where necessary, the Chair will have the casting vote.

6.3(a) In the event that there is more than one candidate for the offices of Chair, Secretary, Administration Manager or non-office holding members of the Steering Committee, there shall be an election held amongst the members of KABIF present at the AGM.

6.4 The Steering Committee had the discretion to identify and co-opt onto the Steering Committee additional support for a specific purpose, but such individuals will have no voting authority within the Steering Committee. This arrangement will need to be explained at the following AGM and if necessary, ratified by the general membership.

6.5 The elected Officers can hold office for a term of two years at which stage they may seek re-election.

6.6 Every year one of the elected Steering Committee members will stand down but may offer themselves for re-election. In the fullness of time this will ensure other KABIF members will have the opportunity to serve on the Steering Committee if they choose to do so.

6.7 The Steering Committee members shall ensure that no one interest will be over-represented on the Steering Committee.

6.8 A Steering Committee member’s term of office automatically terminates if he or she is absent without notice from three consecutive meetings of the Steering Committee.

6.9 A member may resign by written notice to the Chair of the Forum. Such resignation will have immediate effect. Once a resignation has been received the Chair will notify other members of the Steering Committee.

6.10 Should there be concern that the aims of the Forum are not being met by any individual member, the Steering Committee can investigate and seek clarification from the member concerned, prior to reaching any decision regarding their future membership.

7. Steering Commitee's proceedings

7.1 Should the Chair be absent from the meeting, another member of the Steering Committee may take over the duty temporarily, subject to the approval of the majority of the other Steering Committee members present and the quorum requirement being met.

7.2 Every issue may be determined by a simple majority of the votes cast at a meeting of the Steering Committee and the Chair will have casting vote in the event of a tie.

7.3 The Steering Committee may set up sub-committees as appropriate from time to time.

7.4 The Steering Committee and any sub-committees must keep proper records.

7.5 The Steering Committee should attempt to resolve any dispute within itself. If resolution is not possible, the Chair has the authority to bring the dispute to the attention of the KABIF general membership.

7.6 Whenever a Steering Committee member has a personal conflict of interest in a matter to be discussed at a meeting of the Steering Committee or a committee, he or she must:

a) Declare that interest before the meeting or at the meeting before discussion beings on the matter;

b) Be absent from that part of the meeting unless expressly invited to remain in order to provide information;

c) Not be counted in the quorum for that part of the meeting;

d) Be absent during the vote and have no vote in the matter.

8. Location of the Forum

8.1 The address and office for the Forum shall be that of the Chair for the time being. Any change of address and office shall be notified to the general members.

8.2 A website promoting KABIF and it’s activities shall be established, maintained and updated by the Administration Manager. The website will remain the property of KABIF.

9. Notices

9.1 The Forum will use all reasonable means of communication with its membership.

10. Amendments

10.1 This Constitution, when approved by two thirds of the membership, may only be amended at a meeting of the general membership, again, subject to a two-thirds majority of the votes cast. The members must be given thirty calendar days’ notice of the proposed amendments.

10.2 A copy of this constitution shall be issued to every member and will be published on the website. All members will be expected to adhere to the rules defined in this constitution.

11. Dissolution

11.1 If at any time, the Steering Committee at a meeting decides it is best to dissolve the Forum, they must seek approval of two thirds of the general membership and if agreed the Steering Committee members will remain in office and be responsible for the orderly dissolution of the Forum.



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